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With the combined technology of gamecube controller adapters,  safe power delivery USB hubs, and shock absorbing stands, the Ultimate GameCube Adapter enables gamers to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate anytime and anywhere. GearHawk Studio designed and developed this product from scratch, ran it's successful Kickstarter campaign and managed the ramp up to production. 



The first step on the road to creating a product is to identify a problem that you are passionate about solving. The Ultimate GameCube Adapter came to life by being excited for the launch of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and realizing just how many extra parts and wires were needed to be able to play it on the go. By reaching out to the Smash community and pro players about how this problem would effect them, the need for a solution became apparent. GearHawk Studio's market research and user interviews also zero'd in on other use case scenarios for the product- as a portable setup to play friendly matches at tournaments when all other setups are in use.



It takes more than a problem to create a product - the right solution needs to be created. By designing and building prototypes from high quality components and a custom-made 3D printer, GearHawk Studio was able to send out early mock-ups to the Panda Global Esport team. Those early prototypes led to a partnership which formed PG's new hardware division - Panda Hardware. To fund the production of the Ultimate GameCube Adapter, GearHawk Studio ran a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised 282% of it's funding goal.


Once initial designs are done there are still many hurdles to jump when setting up a product for Mass Production. GearHawk Studio brought the Ultimate GameCube Adapter from conception to the manufacturing floor, by finalizing the design for manufacturibility while adding bonus functionality in the form of an adjustable view angle design.  In shepharding the UGA through mass production, GearHawk Studio implemented Assembly Processes, Quality Control Solutions, as well as managed Shipping and Logistics.

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